In practice since 1999, we have been servicing the needs of our Beverly Hills and West Side clients. We are a traditional practice where we treat each client with open arms, and address their needs and concerns with respect and concern. We do not use Nurses in our practice and we feel this allows the Doctors and Patients to have a much closer bond.

We are a multi-specialty group of physicians and have the ability to confer with each other if the need arises. There are also a group of other specialists withing our building which we have access to and work with. Laboratory services are also available in our building which save our clients much time from driving to other facilities. We are within 5 minutes drive of the world renowed Cedars Sinai Medical Center where we have privileges should our patients need any hospitalizations.

Unlike most offices in town, we continue to Admit our own patients to the hospital should they need to be there and do not allow Hospitalists to manage our patients. We believe that the Hospitalist movement currently underway is not in the best interest of the patient but rather a push by Insurance and Hospitals to push patients out of the hospital in an overly expeditious manner to save money. Unfortunately what we have noticed is that patients are not given adequate attention and often times are seen by a different Doctor each day and therefore there is no continuity of care nor connection between patient and Doctor.

We guarantee that should you be admitted to the hospital, you would only be seen by your Doctor. This is becoming a very rare offering that we are still proud to offer to our clients.

Furthermore, we are able to communicate with patients by email, video and thus manage small issues in this fashion to help respect the busy schedule of our clients. We also do offer house calls to patients should they need this.

Despite our medical background we are not of the belief that pushing medications is indicated in most of our clients. We prefer to encourage healthy living and lifestyles and avoidance of behaviors that increase the long term risks of developing chronic medical conditions. We believe in the traditional values of healthy diets, exercise, yoga, mediation and massage. On many occasions we are able to send our patients out with no traditional medications and instead with recommendations for lifestyle changes.

We look forward to meeting you in our offices should the need arise.

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