M.D., Drexel University
Medical School

M.D., Thomas Jefferson University
Internal medicine


I practice Internal Medicine in Beverly Hills. My office has multiple other specialists available that we offer in order to ease the need to have to drive to other facilities. We see you at Cedars should you need to be admitted and you only get seen by your Attending Physician ie myself rather than multiple other covering Doctors who don't know you. There is a push to the Hospitalist movement at various hospitals in town where if and when you get admitted your private Doctor does not come in and see you but rather hands you off to a physician who has no relationship with you and whose motivating goal is to get you in and out as quickly as possible. I am not sold on this system and am therefore am proud to offer my patients the traditional old fashion option where I round daily at the Hospital and manage your care personally.

I also do consulting work on the side and work with various businesses including Entertainment, Nursing Facilities, Pharmaceutical companies, home health care agencies, Attorneys etc. I bring new light and vision to companies interested in developing their brands and growing their business.

I am always interested in new ventures, concepts to collaborate on and look forward to new proposals.

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