Kresge Eye Institute

M.D., Wayne State University

VISX Excimer Laser Systems

Dr. Tinoosh completed his residency at the prestigious Kresge Eye Institute in Michigan where he refined his surgical and medical skills. He attended medical school at Wayne State University, School of Medicine in Michigan and completed an internship at the Detroit Medical Center. Further, Dr. Tinoosh has published several medical publications and abstracts over the years. He has also given lectures on refractive surgery nationally and abroad to other physicians.

Dr. Tinoosh has successfully completed and received several certifications, such as the Nidek and VISX Excimer Laser Systems. In addition, he has extensive experience with the Amadeus, Nidek, Haqnsatome and Moria Microkeratomes. Dr. Tinoosh has received certification on the Verisyse Phakic Intraocular Lens System; this system is for patients who do not qualify for Lasik. Furthermore, he has received certification for Conductive Keratoplasty (CK): a procedure that corrects near vision giving patients freedom from reading glasses.

Dr. Tinoosh performs comprehensive eye care, including management of dry eyes, diabetic eye care, glaucoma, floaters & prescription glasses and contact lenses. He also performs LASIK surgeries and surgeries for the management of Cataracts.

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