UCLA School of Medicine
LAC - USC Medical Center

M.D., The Medical College of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

B.A., University of California - Los Angeles

I was born in Chile and moved with my family to Los Angeles at the age of 9. My first language was therefore Spanish and I am now bilingual, allowing me to communicate easily with my Latino patients.
I attended UCLA as an undergraduate and then went to medical school at The Medical College of Wisconsin, in Milwaukee. My postgraduate medical training was done at institutions affiliated with the UCLA School of Medicine and then with LAC-USC Medical Center.
As a cardiologist I have utilized the various increasing number of diagnostic and therapeutic tools available to us. In addition, being someone who likes to "think outside the box" has led me to explore the areas of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. As a consequence I have incorporated various diagnostic and treatment concepts that I strongly credit for allowing me to offer superior and more enlightened care to my patients, and at the same time to reinvigorate and add even more passion to my medical and cardiology practice.

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